Sunday 27 November 2011

Research Task

Research Task

Find three slogans (and their translations) from the May 1968 Student Revolution in Paris. Write one of your own.

·         “L'imagination prend le pouvoir!” (Imaginations takes power)

·         “Prenez vos désirs pour la réalité.” (Take your desires for reality.)

·         “On achète ton bonheur. Vole-le.” (They are buying your happiness. Steal it.)

Write your own:

 Le bonheur et la liberté ne viendra après tout empêchement est abolie

(Happiness and freedom will only come after all hindrance is abolished)

Write a Qui est-ce? puzzle of 100 words or two puzzles of 50 words each.


IL est assez marrant et chinois.

Il la les cheveux noirs et il ses yeux sont bruns.

 IL est un personne drole et il ne porte ni barbe ni moustache.

En fait il est assez jeune.

 Apparemment il est intelligent et ne porte la lunettes.

Il est très réussi.  Il est de moyenne taille.

il va à l'école. l'école est Vermont Secondary College

Il est ________________________________

                (Noah cheng)


Il quatorze ans. Il est australien mais mon père et

Sa mère  sont chinois.  Il les yeux  bruns et il est cheveux sont noirs.

Il porte des lunettes. Aussi i lest  grand et mince.  Il est  gentil et Il est  un Coeur

 compatissant . Il est  trés académiques.

Il va à Vermont Secondary College.

Il est ______________________________

                (Andy liang)

Explain to someone why they should play pétanque and why they should play AFL instead of soccer.

1.       Why someone should learn to play pétanque

Petanque is a very French sort of game. It is similar to boules. Although it is very slow and a lot of people like to think it is a game for ‘old people’ it is a false statement. A lot of young people also play this game. Petanque is a game about accurately. It is similar to darts and archery.  Being slow is also one of its good points. The intensity is dragged out and it also means very turn matters and you can play for a very long time without getting tired. It is a great sport for relaxing and a sport for all ages.  One of the best reasons to learn petanque is being able to play it with friends. You can compare your skill in accuracy with them and learn how to improve them together.

2.       Explain why soccer is better than AFL

Soccer is much better than AFL because it has less tackling and more skill in involved. In AFL people are constantly getting hurt because someone accidently kneed them in the eye or something similar. AFL in involved tackling which physically jumping on top of them and taking them down to take the ball. It is all a bit violent and however is biggest and roughest usually wins not the one with more skill. Soccer is much more different. You can only use your legs and controlling and dribbling the ball for even a small part of the game takes a lot of skill especially in avoiding someone because a foot her and there can ruin your usually pattern. Also, stoping and kicking the ball also uses a lot of strength but not only brute strength like in AFL but one which includes a lot of skill like curving the ball around opponents.  In conclusion, AFL really can’t compare with soccer unless you are talking about skills similar to wrestling. Soccer involves a lot more skill and thinking.

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